portrait of a slumlord

from What I Will Tell My Jewish Kids by Kevin Coval

the slumlord is real.

a short man pulls into the affordable housing complex

his company built on greased government contracts.

row-homes. non-descript. grey, cheap looking. everything

in the area is tired. (except) the slumlord

drives a jew canoe, in the winter

wears fur. a diamond pinky ring.

the slumlord could be over-

taken by a pack of fat fifth graders

but at the end of a chain link leash

a german shepard! named princess.

there is a small revolver in his waist belt

a sawed-off golf club beneath the driver’s seat.

the money is green. the renter’s Black.

the slumlord has a boat in Lake Winnipesaukee.

in a generation, the slumlord will not collect rent

himself. maybe send a son-in-law, a Mexican.

the slumlord gives to his synagogue, aipac, reagan’s

second term, directly to the idf. this isn’t considered terror-

ism. the slumlord hates Arabs, but has a Persian cat

who sits on his lap watching law & order.

the slumlord is napoleon short. the slumlord is my grandma’s

second husband. she is said to have married well.

the slumlord is a stupid man no one wants

to sit next to at dinner. the slum is israel

the slumlord is alive.

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